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ASCERA’s Features and Capabilities

Check out the full list of features and capabilities to determine the edition that is right for your organization.

GRC Lite
Manually Document and Assess Controls
View Automatic Evidence Collection & Continuous Monitoring Details
Compliance Overview – matrix and list views
Compliance Dashboard – including trending and other high-level views
Controls Details View
POA&M Support
Evidence Tracking
Auditor Overview
Review Activity
User Audit Activity
User Review
Asset Review
Group Policy Review
Authentication Activity
Network Activity
Process Activity
Evidence Management
SSP Generation
POA&M Management
Initialize Lookups
Security Stack Config
Manage Automatic Checks
Evidence Management Setup
Systems Management
App Backup
Prerequisite Checks
CMMC Official Guidance
ASCERA CMMC Supplementary Guidance
Administration Documentation
Search & Reporting
Starter Edition (Free)
Available for the starter set of controls*
Available for the starter set of controls*
Available for the starter set of controls*
Available for the starter set of controls*
Limited to one, default system scope
Premium Edition

*Starter Edition covers only the following controls:

    • AC.L1-3.1.20 – External Connections
    • AC.L2-3.1.10 – Session Lock
    • AC.L2-3.1.11 – Session Termination
    • AU.L2-3.3.1 – System Auditing
    • AU.L2-3.3.4 – Audit Failure Alerting
    • AU.L2-3.3.9 – Audit Management
    • AU.L2-3.3.8 – Audit Protection
    • AU.L2-3.3.7 – Authoritative Time Source
    • IA.L1-3.5.2 – Authentication
    • IA.L2-3.5.3 – Multifactor Authentication
    • SI.L1-3.14.5 – System & File Scanning

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