Break Through Compliance Evidence Collection
and Status Reporting Complexity

Automate Your GRC

The ASCERA Platform

Diagram of how ASCERA collects, monitors evidence and creates a body of evidence and displays information

  Receive Alerts as your control status changes

ASCERA is a compliance software that automatically collects your organization’s system data and inputs it into our Compliance Rules Engine. This data is then compared against:

Security Standards Tied to
NIST Frameworks

Your Unique Organizational
Security Policies

Actual Technical

Not a GRC.

Super Powers for Your GRC.

Automated Collection of Evidence (ACE)

Save hundreds of hours collecting evidence. ASCERA provides an automated, nearly real-time collection of evidence for 59% of controls.

Built in compliance guidance

Built-in Guidance

Significantly increase the likelihood of passing your CMMC C3PAO assessment with ASCERA’s built-in guidance feature. 

Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Leverage the data you’ve already spent considerable time and cost to ingest. ASCERA automatically pulls critical security-related information from your SIEM to assess and continuously monitor your compliance status.

How Exactly is ASCERA Different from a GRC?

GRC Software

GRC software provides a centralized platform for managing activities related to governance, risk management, and compliance.

  • Houses content from regulatory authorities including compliance mandates
  • Allows compliance professionals to manually enter data and upload evidence
  • Assigns owners to security controls
  • Offers built-in workflows, like informing control owners when tasks are overdue
  • Facilitates risk analysis and prioritization
  • Provides reporting functionality
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ASCERA Software

ASCERA is a next-generation cyber compliance software that automates many of the manual, administrative tasks of compliance. It does what GRC tools can’t and don’t do.

Automates the collection and uploading of evidence

Continuously monitors and updates the status of individual security controls as Met (Compliant) or Not Met (Non-Compliant)

Exports all findings to a master evidence repository or Excel output

Provides automated, real-time cyber compliance risk reporting for executives

Integrates with existing GRC tools or functions as a standalone “GRC lite”

Reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with cyber compliance

Be Proactive with Cyber Compliance.

Master Your Environment.

Track Your Compliance Progress.

Receive Alerts When Status Changes.

Simplify Your Compliance Journey

Automate Compliance Evidence Collection and Status Reporting

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